James and Jane McNab lived in the coastal town of Girvan on the west coast of Scotland. It was a fishing port and agricultural region. The Isle of Arran could be seen across the sea and the Ailsa Craig rock sat out there in the west, like a huge bun on the water.But things were not good for labouring folk. Poor housing, poor wages and worst of all, poor health and a cold climate dominated. Sixteen year old Alex earning 9d a day hoeing potatoes and James as a ploughman were hardly able to feed the family. James was affected with TB and one of the 1ittle girls was delicate. The doctor recommended that a warmer climate would be helpful and so the momentous decision was made. They would migrate to Australia !The family consisted of:- James 37 and his wife Jane 38 Jacobina aged 17 Alaxander 16 Jessie 14 Marion 9 Agnes 5 James 3 John,an infant (A daughter, Jenni, was born in Australia.) This information from the Archives 0ffice, Adelaide.They left Girvan, Ayrshire Scotland for South Australia aboard the "Loch Fynne" on November 29 1878. The "Loch Fynne" was almost certainly a migrant ship, for a piper played "Will Ye No Come Back Again" as the ship drew away. I have wondered if the "Loch Fynne" was a sister ship to the "Loch Aard" which was wrecked off Victoria. The ship arrived its destination in March I879. James took up land at Cunliffe near Kadina on Yorke Peninsular. The family had certainly found a warm dry climate. I'll bet they felt it that first year or two!

Alexander McNab As a young ManAlex found employment at the copper mines at Moonta and Wallaroo. I don't know whether Jacobina (called Bina for short) worked out. It was the usual thing for girls to stay at home until they married at that time and in any case, there would be plenty to do getting their bLock of land. Alex seems to have been a charmer and girls vied to attract his attention. He played the fiddle and sang many Scottish ditties and broke hearts right and left

CORNWALL James and Mary Eva Corner came from Helston in Cornwall, England, where James was a tin miner. They migrated to South Australia in the very early days of settlement. They had sons and daughters but I know the names of only the eldest girl Sophia, and the youngest one, Georgina. Sophia married Walter Hayrward and Georgina married Ralph Pylus. Both these women were tiny and both were long lived, being over 90 when they died.Walter Hayward's father was named John and he is reputed to have travelled overland to Adelaide from Sydney with Eyre the explorer's party, but left the expedition because of disagreements amongst the men. He settled in the Adelaide hills at Echunga and raised a family. Originally, he came from Haywardrs Heath, South West of London.I do not have the extent of his famiLy but there wrere Emeline (Mrs Moyle), Charlotte (Mrs Tucker), Joe and Walt