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John McNab of Callander was Historian for the first Clan Macnab Association in the UK, and wrote the first Clan History, published in 1907.

I have several of his letters, which make it clear that he had a collection of Macnab family trees (mostly for the Cadet House of Innishewan), and that he carried on correspondence with many clansmen all over the world.

He was born at Bridge End, Callander, Scotland Nov 17, 1862 to Dr. Peter McNab and Jean Gordon McIntosh (after Dr. Peter’s death, Jean married a Robert McAlpine, Jr.), and died unmarried May 21, 1935 at 2 Bridge St. in Callander. He is buried, with several generations of his family, at the Little Leny Buchanan Burial Grounds.

I believe his only sister, Jeannie Gordon McNab, also died unmarried, however, his father, Dr. Peter McNab, had several brothers and sisters, who may have had children:

Beatrice born 1812Mary born 1825James born 1815 who died in Ontario, CanadaAlexander born 1818Robert born 1820John born 1827 .

Dr. Peter McNab’s parents were John McNab, farmer of Callander and Christian (or Christine) Buchanan.

I am hoping to locate John McNab’s papers and would appreciate it if anyone with knowledge of this family, particularly of living descendants, would contact me at

Loraine Smith

Shennachie to the Chief

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